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Chevrolet is a leader in the manufacturing of reliable, safe, and feature-loaded vehicles. From the compact and mid-size sedans to the family-friendly crossovers and ruggedly built, powerful trucks, Chevy models prove their worth year after year. High safety ratings, excellent resale values, and millions of positive consumer reviews are a testament to the quality of these automobiles.

Choosing a Chevrolet car, SUV, or pickup is a wise decision. All models come with an extensive manufacturer's warranty, so long-term ownership without the hassles of expensive repairs brings peace of mind. These models incorporate the very latest in safety and security features, and most are available in a wide range of trim choices.

Top-Selling Chevrolet Models

The popular Chevrolet Cruze is a great choice for those who need a sedan or hatchback capable of performing both as an everyday commuter vehicle and a family transport. The current Cruze model is packed with all of the latest driver information and safety systems, offers a comfortable ride, and gets excellent fuel mileage. The recently redesigned Malibu offers an engaging driving experience, has a stylish interior, and boasts top safety ratings.

The Chevrolet Silverado is one of the best-selling pickups for a good reason. This truck can be completely customized in terms of cab and bed configurations and is available in a multitude of trims. It comes with a powerful engine and has great towing capability.


Chevrolet cars and trucks depreciate very slowly, making them a good investment. For several years now, top consumer reporting agencies as well as the IIHS has awarded at least one Chevy model from each vehicle class as a top safety pick and as a top initial quality vehicle. All models come with a rearview camera, blind-spot monitoring, and collision and parking sensors either as standard or as an available option.

Driving Experience

No matter the price tag of the vehicle, all Chevrolet models offer a positive driving experience. If the buyer is looking for an electric car, the Bolt is sure to satisfy. It and the equally impressive Volt promise long-range driving between charge-ups, and both are nicely appointed on the interior. The Ford Taurus is an exceptionally comfortable ride, and both the Taurus and Malibu offer plenty of engine power. The current year models boast very user-friendly control panels, and the standard or optional display screens are complete with driver alert information.

The five crossover and SUV models are all highly rated in terms of cargo capacity and towing capability, and they perform well off-road. The engine sizes and horsepower ratings of these vehicles compares favorably with those of models from competing manufacturers. The pickups offer plenty of V8 power and are among the most rugged performers in their respective truck segment.